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Charghat Upazila with an area of ​​158.32 km ², is limited by puthia and PABA upazilas on the north upazila, Bagha in the south, and Bagha upazilas bagatipara in the east, Paba upazila, West Bengal (India) and the Ganges in the west.


Important unions and places: There are 5 unions in Bagmara upazila. Sarda, Salua etc are the important place of Bagmara. Postal code nearly – 6270


Travel from Dhaka: There are available bus from Dhaka to Bagmara. You may have to go Rajshahi first and then Charghat.


Map of Charghat Upazila Bangladesh

Map of Charghat


Statistics: Population 133756; male 52.42%, female 47.58%; Muslim 93.75%, Hindu 6.09% and others 0.16%. Average literacy 26.6%


Agricultural Contribution: Main crops Paddy, wheat, sugarcane, potato and khayer (catechu) plant.


Fruits: Main fruits Mango, jackfruit, banana, litchi, black berry and papaya.


Historical or Tourist Places: We are searching for the historical places of Charghat. Please help us to add some places in Charghat which states the history.


School College: Rajshahi Cadet College, Raypur Women College, Shardah Government Pilot High School, Charghat Womens Degree College, Nandanga Chi Degree College etc are famous educational institution of Charghat.


Hotel Motel: There are some residential hotel in Charghat. People from outside Bagmara if come to visit they can use these hostel for live. These hotels are cheap to live.


Request: We need your help. If you are from Charghat upazila and know well about your area please inform us. We will be glad to share your knowledge. Inform us about travel location, tourism place, business, people, school, college, recent developemt etc.


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